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Little Rainbow

Walter's mother on Instagram: "Somehow the deer ended up with the face" kill me c: ". Under your heading, let's comment on what Disreer thinks… @ Bellamiie …"

Walter’s Mom on Instagram: “The deer somehow ended up with “kill me c:” face. Let’s play comment below your caption for what dis deer is thinking. . . @bellamiie…” Somehow the deer had the face "Kill Me C:". Let us comment on what the deer thinks under your heading. 🙈 .. # 🦌 #Watercolor #WatercolorPortrait

Little Rainbow

Pulp Riot • Braids • Videos on Instagram: “🐝🐝🐝 || Looking back at this funny color, because this funny customer was sitting in my chair again today – what do you think we did this time? # pulpriothair… ”

Pulp Riot • Braids • Videos on Instagram: “🐝🐝🐝 || Throwback to this fun color bc this fun client was in my chair again today🙌🏼 what do you guys think we did this time? #pulpriothair…” 801 likes, 8 comments – Sac Hair | Pulp Riot | Boho Braids (Liz Mester.colors) on Instagram: “|| Looking back …